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ZLife Magazine Winter 2010

Just read through the latest ZLife magazine.  This magazine seemed to be a lot of fluff, but its getting better.  I'm not sure its going to last because I don't know the direction it is trying to go in.  I don't think it knows, either.  Zumba as a whole "company", if that's what it really is, has some "interesting" ways of marketing itself.  I'm not completely convinced all the right decisions are being made.  Maybe its just growing pains.

Anyway, there's a lot of ads for cool Zumba clothes, that I guess you can only buy from a Zumba instructor.  It doesn't matter, really, because nothing comes in my size.  They should embrace their plus size clients.

There were some recipes -- all Latin flavor, of course.  But none of them looked appealing.  And you know there are great Latin recipes out there that are whole foods and healthy, so no excuses.

But there were some inspirational stories and the magazine could use more of that.  One that related to me will be my first clipping of REAL LIFE SUCCESS STORIES of people who lost significant weight through healthy lifestyle and no trickery and MAINTAINED.: